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  • What Nixon can teach the GOP about courting black voters

    Politico - 08/20/2015

    The starting gun of the 2016 presidential election has quickly been followed by Republican candidates stumbling over how to talk to, and about, voters of color—the examples are almost too many to count. There was Donald Trump calling Mexican immigrants rapists; some cringe-worthy refusals to label the Charleston shooting a hate crime; plus the awkward flailing over the question of the Confederate flag (until Nikki Haley jumped in to the rescue). Then came the first debate. Seventeen candidates, more than three hours, only two direct questions about race and only one candidate—Rick Perry—able even to utter the word “African-American” or “black.” Instead, the candidates opted to change the subject. When Carson was asked about race, he went on a tangent about neurosurgery, and Walker decided to spend his time talking about proper police training on the use of force

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