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  • What is news worth?

    CommonWealth Magazine - 07/17/2015

    Dan Kennedy, an associate professor of journalism at Northeastern University and the author of the Media Nation blog, tweeted out the million-dollar question this morning: “Is the @BostonGlobe pushing too hard in its latest digital rate increase?”

    In an email, Kennedy said he suspected most of the people reading the Globe won’t stop just because they’re being asked to fork over a buck a day. “But it’s a bold move — maybe too bold. I’d rather see the Globe put more emphasis on building its subscriber base than on squeezing more money out of its current customers,” he said.

    No one seemed to be answering Kennedy’s question on Twitter, but Kyle Clauss, a writer for Bostonmagazine, offered his take in a small piece on the price hike. “As a news writer, I welcome the hike and wholeheartedly support the idea of supporting quality journalism,” he wrote. “As a news consumer, I ready my cursor over my browser’s Incognito Mode button, wallet unscathed.”


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