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  • What effect could social media have on the Tsarnaev trial?

    BostInno - 01/23/2015

    Contained in the memo were quotes attributed to jurors, identified only by their randomly assigned numbers, and statistical data about how they feel about the case in general. A solid majority, 68 percent, have already deemed Tsarnaev guilty in their minds despite not seeing a single shred of evidence, or hearing a single piece of testimony, in a court of law.

    Sixty-nine percent said they’re directly connected to, or have “expressed allegiance” to, the people and places involved in the bombings. And an overwhelming 85 percent already believe Tsarnaev is guilty, or they have identified some kind of direct connection, or both.

    “This is an excellent defense team,” Northeastern University School of Law Professor Daniel Medwed told BostInno. “Sealing decisions are made by the court and not uncommon to seal to protect identity of jurors. It appears as though the defense is making a compelling case that it will be hard to find an impartial jury given how many prospective jurors appear to have preformed opinions about the case.”

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