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  • What do the SPLC’s post-election hate-incident reports mean?

    The Christian Science Monitor - 12/01/2016

    Jack Levin, co-director of the Brudnick Center on Violence and Conflict at Northeastern University in Boston, says these surges in hate reflect a pattern. The pattern reared its ugly head, he says, in 2001, against those perceived as Muslim or Middle Eastern following the 9/11 terrorist attacks; in 2004, against gays and lesbians with the passage of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts; in 2009, against black people as President Obama began his first term; and in 2010, when Hispanic and Latino groups were victimized as unemployment peaked amid concerns over illegal immigration swelled.

    “Whenever there is a threat to the survival, the employment, the culture, the religion of the dominant group, we see an increase in hate crimes against the group that’s threatening. And that has been true for hundreds of years, nothing new about that,” Dr. Levin tells the Monitor. “But there is something new about these recent statistics.”

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