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  • What California’s strict new vaccination law means for the rest of the country

    Yahoo! - 07/01/2015

    Oregon has pending legislation that would require a schedule for exemption submissions and Washington is considering a bill that would eliminate the personal belief exemption.

    Legislation introduced around the country is pulling in two different directions, says Wendy Parmet, director of the Program on Health Policy & Law at Northeastern University.

    Some states are making it harder to avoid vaccination — while others are making it easier

    “Bills pending in many states make it harder for state exemptions and many states are looking at adding procedural hurdles for exemptions to make them not quite as frictionless as they have been,” she tells Yahoo Health. “Others are looking to broaden their exemptions. Legislatures are simply reflecting the views of the population.” One bill in New York, for example, would have established a personal belief exemption.

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