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  • Wave of arrests continues to plague NFL

    USA Today - 06/30/2013

    “You’re hoping it’s a teachable moment, where they can grasp the topic, understand it for more than it has been sensationalized for, and have a takeaway for them to where their thought process actually gets improved through it,” said Dan Lebowitz, the executive director of Sport in Society at Northeastern University in Boston.

    Though the number of NFL player arrests might appear alarming, Lebowitz and NFL spokesmen Aiello and Brian McCarthy said having 28 players out of nearly 3,000 currently on NFL rosters is still relatively low compared with the rest of society.

    “The thing that is generally a constant is there is a certain percentage of men that are going to behave badly. It’s endemic to the social fabric of our culture,” Lebowitz said. “If I opened up a suburban newspaper, almost anywhere, and looked at the crime blotter, even places where people would say they have limited crime, they would have 27 arrests in two weeks. … The spotlight is such that every move off the field is intensely looked at.”

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