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  • Was portrayal of Amazon’s brutal workplace on target?

    The New York Times - 08/18/2015

    But Bill Mitchell, a longtime editor at who now teaches journalism ethics at Northeastern University, wrote on Facebook that he found the piece exceptionally persuasive and solid. Two aspects impressed him: the named sources and the contribution made by the thousands of comments. He also praised the story’s “tough but evenhanded tone,” and noted that “unlike a lot of investigative pieces, this does not read like a prosecutor’s brief.” Rem Rieder of USA Today also praised the story’s rigor.

    Although Mr. Mitchell is right that the article includes little anonymous quotation, there is significant unnamed sourcing, particularly in a segment on employees who said Amazon failed to treat them with empathy or humanity when the chips were down. For example, one unnamed woman tells of being essentially forced to make a business trip the day after her surgery following a miscarriage.

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