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  • Uncertainty after autonomy

    Inside Higher Ed - 10/03/2014

    Peter Roby, athletics director at Northeastern University, said even if the five conferences are able to pass reforms like providing full-cost-of-attendance stipends to football and basketball players, the move is not an altruistic one. Instead, Roby said, the reforms are an attempt at solving problems that wealthier conferences themselves created.

    Those colleges have created a monster, he said, and now they have find a way to feed it.

    “Part of the reason people feel they have to provide more in terms of cost of attendance is because kids are participating in university athletics year-round,” Roby said. “They’re not going home for the summer like they used to. They’re on campus, in class, in the weight room. If these schools hadn’t been so hell-bent on keeping such a competitive advantage, maybe these kids could be home working and putting money in their pockets.”

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