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  • Two security experts have conducted a study that allowed them to spot over 100 snooping Tor HSDir Nodes spying on Dark Web Sites.

    Security Affairs - 07/05/2016

    The attempts of snooping traffic from Tor nodes are not a novelty, in the past, we have reported the activity of threat actors that set up malicious exit nodes to de-anonymize users.


    Now researchers have spotted more than 100 malicious hidden service directories (HSDirs) which are the relays of the network that allow people to visit hidden services.

    Threat actors abuse of HSDir configuring them to log the addresses of the hidden services. Joseph Cox from Motherboad reported a study conducted by Guevara Noubir, a professor from the College of Computer and Information Science at Northeastern University, and Amirali Sanatinia, a PhD candidate also from Northeaster who revealed the existence of s number of Tor hidden service directories that are spying on Tor websites. Such kind of attacks could allow law enforcement to discover IP addresses of black markets and child pornography sites.

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