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  • Traffic radio station prefers humans to high tech

    The Boston Globe - 02/18/2014

    In the epic quest to outsmart traffic congestion in Boston, commuters have any number of high-tech weapons at hand: Google Maps, which uses GPS to provide real-time traffic data, apps such as Waze and Inrix that track users’ cellphones to analyze travel speed, and websites that feature live video feeds from major highways.

    Or, you can just tune in to a fellow commuter who’s calling in to report that, for example, “the lower end of 128 from the triangle up to, um, 138, is OK.”

    The latest innovation in traffic reporting relies on an old-fashioned format: a talk-radio-style broadcast in which fellow commuters send in reports from the road, and an on-air host who talks about one thing all morning: traffic, nothing but traffic.

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