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  • ‘Tonight Show’ fan travels Europe with Jimmy Fallon cutout, hoping for internship

    Today - 03/02/2016

    The account was created by Northeastern University student Halle O’Conor, who’s hoping to score an internship at “The Tonight Show.” O’Conor got the idea from her mother, who once took trips with a “Flat Stanley” (a paper doll based on a popular 1964 children’s book featuring a little boy who is flattened by a book shelf, and travels across the country through the mail due to his two-dimensional shape).

    “I was really just trying to think of a good way to make myself stand out when applying,” O’Conor told via email. “I figured that while I’m abroad, this might be a funny way to get [the show’s] attention, while hopefully making people laugh.”

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