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  • Three startups make holidays merrier with a spirit of giving - 12/18/2013

    Buying Better

    Abhi Nangia has one simple mission: to reweave the way we buy, for good.

    In an effort to make that mission a reality, Nangia and his team launched in June as an alternative marketplace for people who want to purchase fair and direct trade products.

    “It’s not an easy choice to start making,” insists Nangia, who graduated from Northeastern University in May 2012. “You know, it’s easier to buy better if we all do it, but the world hasn’t collectively chosen this path yet. We’re at this point right now, this perfect point, where we have the opportunity to change the entire way the world works for the better, forever. But it’s going to take a lot of conversations and a lot of people coming together to realize how much change we’ll have to make in our own choices.”

    The top Gifts from reweave

    Though the site was primarily created to be a marketplace for directly traded products, the reweave team insists that the educational and community aspects of the site are equally important.

    “To me, it’s not about selling things. We want to have conversations,” said Daniel Garafulic, a 21-year-old Northeastern student. “It’s about talking to someone and helping them get to the understanding that what they buy is impacting someone else. If that understanding gets across, even if we don’t sell anything, that’s okay.”

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