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  • This Boston startup offers ‘don’t-do-it-yourself’ storage

    BostInno - 05/23/2014

    One Boston startup has been offering customers “Don’t-Do-It-Yourself” storage since 2010, but it’s still managed to remain relatively unnoticed – ask someone if they’ve ever heard of Fetch Storage and there’s a good chance the answer will be no.

    Brij Patel, one of the company’s co-founders, told BostInno “word of mouth” and “Google searches” have thus far been Fetch’s best sources for customer referrals.

    Soon, though, Fetch could become a household name; last fall, the company partnered with a new investor, and is now in the process of ramping up social marketing and public relations strategies. Already a popular option among Boston’s college students, Fetch is now looking to grow its customer base.

    Like many successful startups, Fetch prides itself on convenience. Unlike self-storage – which typically requires people to rent a UHaul, cram items into the back of a van or truck, drive to an oftentimes remote facility and unload everything into a storage vault – Fetch takes care of everything for its customers. Trained movers pick up the items that need to be stored, drive said items to one of the company’s two storage facilities and the rest is history.

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