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  • Think you have what it takes to be a City Hall greeter?

    BostInno - 06/05/2014

    One of the major pillar themes to Mayor Walsh’s administration is transparency. And while for the most part he’s referring to the manner in which city government operates, it’s also on a more personal level. You know those newly minted, red-vested, iPad-in-hand City Hall greeters stationed just after the metal detectors? Yeah, that’s another subtle way Mayor Walsh is making the municipality transparent and overall more personable.

    The idea for dragging City Hall into the digital age was in part conceptualized by Walsh’s rival mayoral opponent last year, former City Councilor John Connolly, who at a BostInno event suggested transforming the dismal building into something reminiscent of an Apple store.

    Not surprisingly, as the idea drips of novelty and convenience, Walsh took it and ran with it, teaming up with Northeastern University to create a six-month co-op in which eight City Hall greeters spend their days helping unsuspecting Bostonians and others navigate the puzzling structure.

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