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  • The U.S. should help Assad to fight ISIS, the greater evil

    The New York Times - 08/22/2014

    Strategic and moral concerns sometimes collide in international politics. Today, the United States stands at such a crossroad.

    The case against aligning with Assad might seem obvious. This is a man who responded to the Arab Awakening by imprisoning, starving, bombing and gassing his own population. If you want to see moral depravity, Twitter is teaming with photos of fresh atrocities against Syrian civilians.

    But from a national security perspective, Washington has a greater obligation to defend American civilians, even if that means working alongside the Alawite dictator. The nature of this cooperation could vary from uncoordinated airstrikes to joint operations. But it’s time for the Obama administration to pick its poison by prioritizing the safety of American civilians over the moral objection of helping out a leader who massacres his own.

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