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  • The two factors that make male angels and VCs interested in a female founder’s pitch

    Forbes - 04/05/2017

    Like it or not, men are more likely to invest in companies pitched by men than women. It’s called homophily. People of the same gender, race and/or ethnic group tend to associate and bond with each other. Homophily isn’t the only reason men get more funding than women. Behavior also plays into the likelihood of a female founder receiving equity funding.

    Investors are biased against expressions of femininity during a pitch by either a man or a woman, according to research by Lakshmi Balachandra and Candida Brush of Babson College, Anthony R. Briggs of Alberta School of Business, and Kimberly Eddleston of Northeastern University. Women face a doubly hard challenge: If they act too aggressive, investors can also turn off.

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