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  • The Socii App Lets Users Get Free Food From Social Media Posts

    Boston Magazine - 08/16/2013

    Noting that it’s difficult for businesses to generate buzz using social media merely by asking people to “like” their Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter, Victor Dweck saw an open opportunity to introduce a product that he says could change the way customers interact with establishments, while rewarding everyone involved.

    Using the app Dweck developed, called Socii, users can reap the benefits of free food, or other goods and discounts, simply by posting photos, status updates, or sending Tweets about shops they are already visiting and sharing information about anyways. “What’s awesome is that these [photos and updates] are shared on peoples’ own walls—not the business pages—so it’s amazing word-of-mouth for the businesses,” says Dweck.

    Dweck, a Northeastern University graduate, launched a beta version of Socii not more than 17 weeks ago, working exclusively for the time being with places like J.P. Licks, Tasty Burger, Thinking Cup, Flat Black Coffee, Finale Desserts, Trade, Max Brenner, Spike’s, Crazy Dough’s, and more, to connect customers with freebies, while at the same time increasing social engagement, and reach, in the social media universe. To do that, the app uses the most commonly activated social media sites that people are on, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and FourSquare.

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