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  • The Senate health bill would make the opioid epidemic worse. Here’s how.

    The Washington Post - 07/13/2017

    Over the past two decades, the number of Americans dying each year from opioid overdoses has quadrupled. In the hardest-hit state, West Virginia, where the overdose death rate is about three times the national average, the crisis has resulted in an overwhelmed foster-care system and a state burial program for the poor that ran through its entire annual budget three months into the year.

    Angela Kilby, an assistant professor of economics at Northeastern University and a postdoctoral fellow in aging and health economics at the National Bureau of Economic Research, argues that Republicans in Congress seem uninterested in truly grappling with this epidemic. She argues that under the Republicans’ proposals to replace the Affordable Care Act, a situation that had been slowly improving would get much worse.

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