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  • The Reality Show We Thought Would Never Air

    The Huffington Post - 11/09/2016

    Make America Great Again, the new American reality show, is now officially set to debut in January 2017.

    Donald Trump has now landed the leading role, as commander-in-chief.

    The pilot previews were visceral. The disparaging content proved harmful for all audiences. Viewer discretion was advised from all sides, but the show has now made it to prime time, with a four-year contract secured.

    And now, willing or not, we’re all a cast of characters in this unfolding drama.

    The plot twists have been dizzying for all spectators. Even fans of the genre aren’t entirely settled.

    The writers of the show were crafty. They ignited fear. They incited hatred. They know when people are scared, they get baited. Primitive instincts are powerful.

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