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  • The politics of vaping – or, why a Brighton shop threw in the towel

    WGBH - 08/23/2016

    “Electronic cigarettes are sort of frustrating because they would appear to have great potential as a tool for people to reduce and particularly to quit smoking,” says Mark Gottlieb, who directs the Public Health Advocacy Institute at Northeastern University’s school of law in Boston.

    Gottlieb notes that the jury is still out on whether (or more likely to what extent) vaping and e-cigarettes may be themselves harmful — though he says he’s “quite confident” that any risks will pale in comparison to those of “combustable” tobacco products, a view widely held.

    His group supported the FDA’s move to regulate the electronic smoking because it filled what Gottlieb calls the “enormous void of any regulation of a consumer product that people inhale into their lungs.”

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