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  • The myth of summer break

    Inside Higher Ed - 08/27/2015

    Last Spring, as the weather warmed and the semester began to wind down, I, like many of you, began to look forward to summer vacation. This break was particularly exciting for me this year as my wife and I were expecting our second child in May. Sure enough, one week — almost to the day — after my last paper was submitted, our son was born. Free of my academic-related responsibilities, I would be able to devote all of my time to my children. Or so I thought.

    Within the span of a couple weeks, I found out that I had been hired as a research assistant for my advisor and as a managing editor of a journal hosted on campus. These new jobs, plus my desire to get a jumpstart on my reading list for comprehensive exams, quickly jolted me out of the dream of summer. I quickly learned that, for an academic,summer break is a myth.

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