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  • The fight to avoid flight from Cape

    The Cape Cod Times - 08/31/2014

    “Everybody knows there has been a decline in the 25-to-44 age group, but instead of continuing to focus on the problem, we want to find ways to reverse this trend,” Van Vleck said. “The survey sparked community conversation and we are now developing think tanks, financial literacy materials, and consumer education.”

    The survey, which was run by the Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy at Northeastern University, collected data from 5,200 participants through electronic surveys, phone interviews and focus groups. While the data revealed that there are challenges related to mentoring, affordable housing, professional development and peer network development, the study also helped CCYP create initiatives that can provide a supportive environment for entrepreneurs and those who are starting, changing or advancing their careers on Cape Cod.

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