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  • The fashionable woman in the Islamic attire

    The Washington Post - 08/24/2017

    It may be that someone steeped in Islamic traditions would find Elizabeth Bucar’s exploration of style among Muslim women in Iran, Turkey and Indonesia simplistic. Indeed, the main message in her book, “Pious Fashion: How Muslim Women Dress,” is quite basic: Fashion among Muslim women, whether they are fully cloaked in a chador or wearing an Alexander McQueen skull-print scarf as a head covering, along with skinny jeans and a fur vest, is varied, highly individual and nuanced. At times, their style is intentionally political and subversive. At others, it is aimed purely at modesty — as the faith dictates. And sometimes, it is all about fashion, beauty and personal delight.

    But Bucar, an associate professor of philosophy and religion at Northeastern University, balances her academic inquiry with the wide-eyed surprise of an eager fashion student.

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