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  • The Clinton accuser who could bring down Trump

    Ozy - 03/28/2017

    You know the rest of the story: Clinton was forced to submit to hours of depositions, and the case led Jones’ lawyers to a White House intern named Monica Lewinsky. In addition to humbling one president, the case set a powerful precedent for presidents who misbehave in their private lives — one that could get a workout under Trump’s administration. Jones v. Clinton is “horrible news” for Donald Trump, says Northeastern University law professor Daniel Urman. By far the most litigious president in American history, Trump and his various business entities have been involved in as many as 4,000 lawsuits over the years. Despite paying $25 million to settle three fraud lawsuits against Trump University just days before his inauguration, the new president faces, according to a USA Today count two weeks prior to the inauguration, 75 ongoing cases.

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