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  • The case for treating male employees as parents too

    The Globe and Mail - 01/22/2015

    Jamie Ladge was picking up her three kids from an after-school program recently when she overheard one father ask another if he could get a copy of a presentation the two of them had discussed. The second man said he couldn’t lay his hands on it because the employee who had written it was on paternity leave. The pair then decided that paternity leave was too generous at their respective companies, saying it interfered with work getting done properly.

    Ms. Ladge, a management professor at Northeastern University in Boston, was astonished.

    Here were two fathers, involved enough with their own children to be picking them up from school, complaining about a program that allowed other fathers to be involved with their children. It was an example of the conflicted dichotomy with which men – and organizations – are approaching the evolving role of fathers in the workplace, something she has captured in a study that is being published by the Academy of Management Perspectives.

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