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  • Teenage inventors shine with lighted tacklebox

    Boston Globe - 02/16/2015

    For Adam Gibbs and Nick Bongi, the idea was born out of their shared passion for fishing. Since they were children, the two 18-year-old friends have taken an annual trip to the Gibbs family’s vacation home on Sanibel Island in Florida.

    “We were fishing down there one night, and we were on a dock,” Gibbs said. “We just noticed that everyone was fumbling around with flashlights, or using their iPhone’s light.”

    Flashlights fell into the water from time to time. Everyone struggled to tie knots, unhook fish, and grab gear in the darkness.

    “We decided just to throw a light into the tacklebox itself, and it kind of grew from there,” said Gibbs, who is a business student at Northeastern University.

    A relatively simple idea pursued by two teenagers became a kind of classic, start-from-scratch American business story — or at least the first few chapters.

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