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  • Teaching The ‘Me Me Me Generation’

    WBUR - 06/18/2013

    In May, Time magazine ran a cover story on “The Me Me Me Generation,” the social media loving, status-sharing millennials that writer Joel Stein described as “entitled narcissists.”

    Yet despite the entitlement he finds so irritating, Stein acknowledges millennials also have the potential to be our saviors. He just might have that part correct, but helping them channel that ambition, creativity, and belief in self appropriately is the key to the salvation he describes.

    The millennial generation includes those born between 1980 and the early 2000s. Born in 1980, I squeak by, but I consider my nine years as a writing instructor to college students a much more useful look into how millennials think, how they get their information, and what their expectations are. After all, when I graduated college in 2002, we had cell phones, but we used them just to call people. We had e-mail, but no social media personas.

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