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  • Study: Where your meat comes from matters

    Boston Magazine - 08/24/2016

    You know that guy, the one peppering the waiter with a million questions about the meat he’s about to eat? New research from Northeastern and Tufts says you should be that guy.

    The study, published Wednesday in PLOS ONE, found that people who’re told they’re eating humanely raised meat prefer it to meat they’re told came from a factory, suggesting that your beliefs really can influence your senses and palate.

    For the study, 117 Northeastern undergraduates were given two pieces of beef jerky: one with a label from a humane farm, and one with a factory label. In reality, however, both samples were the exact same organic jerky. The students were then asked to rate the meats’ smells, tastes, appearances, and overall enjoyability; specify how much they would pay for each; and decide whether they would eat each one again. Researchers also measured how much of each sample the subjects ate.

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