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  • Study says fathers involved at home are happier at work

    Boston Globe - 05/03/2015

    Tuesday, 4:30 p.m. Jason Manekas is getting ready to leave his sunny ninth-floor office in the Seaport District to pick up his 5-year-old daughter, Perry. A framed photo from a father-daughter dance — Perry clutching a pink puppy purse, Manekas wearing a pink tie — sits on a shelf; Perry’s stick-figure drawings grace the inside of his door.

    Manekas, a trial attorney, gathers up a few thick files to work on at home — after he has tucked his daughter into bed. No one bats an eye when he strides out of Bernkopf Goodman hours before quitting time for most of the lawyers. Manekas is on dad duty, which, according to a recent Northeastern University study, could make him happier at work.

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