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  • Study finds racial disparities in RI traffic stops - 01/16/2014

    A new report on police traffic stops in Rhode Island says minorities are more likely than whites to be pulled over in a majority of communities, but less likely to get a ticket.

    Researchers at Northeastern University reviewed nearly 154,000 traffic stops made by 39 police agencies last year from Jan. 1 to Sept. 30.

    The study found that 77 percent of stops involved white drivers, 11 percent Hispanic drivers, nearly 10 percent black drivers and 2 percent Asian/Pacific Island drivers. But when the drivers’ race was compared with the racial makeup of the town where they were stopped, researchers found that minorities were pulled over at a disproportional rate.

    When compared with the last traffic stop study in 2004-2005, disparities increased in 17 communities and decreased in 20 communities.

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