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  • Students’ old gear gets a recycling push

    Boston Globe - 09/02/2014

    Every spring as students move off campus, dormitory hallways, quads, Dumpsters, and the streets of surrounding neighborhoods are strewn with lightly worn but unwanted futons, lamps, textbooks, minifridges, kitchenware, and laundry supplies. Most of it winds up in a junk yard.

    A few months later, college students and their families arrive on campus hauling truckloads of newer, shinier versions of those same items.

    For years, the wastefulness of this cycle has garnered little more than a shrug.

    But recently, student-led initiatives have sprung up at a growing number of local colleges, including at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Northeastern University, to collect departing students’ reusable gear and sell the leftovers at low prices to incoming students at on-campus yard sales.

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