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  • Strange alliances lead U.S. to support and sabotage Iranian proxies on same day

    Newsweek - 03/26/2015

    Max Abrahms, professor of political science at Northeastern University and member at the Council on Foreign Relations, says that Washington’s actions towards Iran, in the different arenas in which their interests meet, are muddled.

    “I think that the U.S. position towards Iran is highly confused and conflicted. Washington seems to have a different position towards Iran depending on policy domain,” he says. “In the area of nuclear negotiations, we are clearly in favour of them. We appreciate Iranian support in Syria, we are uncertain about Iranian support in Iraq and we are opposed to Iranian involvement in Yemen.”

    “A microcosm of the confusion is Tikrit, where Iranians were taking the lead on the ground then we said that we would supply air support if the Iranians retrenched. So now we are in the state where we have air power at the expense of ground power.”

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