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  • Still searching for answers: Did the Tsarnaevs act alone?

    WGBH - 06/22/2015

    Inside a secure facility at Northeastern University, Dr. Adam Hall, shows me how a spectrometer works. It’s an instrument used to measure wavelengths of light spectra.

    I’m here to speak with Hall about bombs and bomb making. In addition to being a chemist and academic, Hall is also a former forensics expert for the Massachusetts State police. He shows me photographs of some of the various types of explosive devices he has examined during his career.

    Hall believes that that one or both of the Tsarnaevs could have built the bombs on their own.

    “Unfortunately,” he says “there is information out there through the internet and other sources that provide some information and guidance on construction of devices.”

    But says Hall, “What was unique about this in terms of domestic US based investigations is the use of the pressure cooker, which is a bit more common in other areas of the World. Investigators on the federal level will rarely see something like this on US soil.”

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