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  • Shock Trump win triggers media soul-searching

    Yahoo! - 11/09/2016

    For Dan Kennedy, a journalism professor at Northeastern University, Trump “understood the modern media environment better than anybody in public life and was able to exploit that from the way he was able to make himself the star.”

    “The story was always about him,” Kennedy said.

    – Counter-narrative –

    Kennedy argues that it is unfair to criticize the media for misreading the US electorate, pointing out that Clinton apparently holds a narrow victory in the popular vote, although not in the decisive electoral college.

    “The media did a pretty good job of driving home what a flawed figure Donald Trump was,” he said.

    As the media’s coverage turned more aggressive, skewering Trump over his financial dealings and allegations of sexual misconduct, the candidate hit back at what he called the “lies” of a “corrupt” media.

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