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  • Sharing Notes With Patients Empowers Them: Study

    U.S. News - 10/01/2013

    In a journal editorial accompanying the study, Michael Meltsner, a patient in the study, said he had never thought about the option of seeing notes.

    Now, “I would find it hard to go to a primary care provider who didn’t share his or her notes,” he said.

    Meltsner, a professor at Northeastern University School of Law in Boston, recalled the treatment given his terminally ill father, who was told little to nothing about his condition. “Not only does OpenNotes tend to level the playing field, it makes patients joint venturers in treatment, prevention and compliance with instructions,” he said.

    Reviewing your doctor’s notes helps a patient become an active participant, says Meltsner. “Passivity robs patients of a wide range of steps that they, and only they, can take toward improved well-being,” he wrote.


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