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  • Sexism often comes with a smile, study finds

    The Washington Post - 03/09/2015

    A new study examining the nonverbal cues thrown out during interactions between men and women finds that men who have high ratings of “benevolent sexism” — attitudes towards women that are well-intentioned but perpetuate inequality — finds that smiling and other positive cues increase when this kind of sexism is prevalent.

    The study, published Monday in the journal Sex Roles, is a small one: Researchers examined the interactions between 27 pairs of American college students. But while their findings are just preliminary, they hope that this will inspire more research on the insidious forms that sexism can take.

    “Basically, the argument is that these two properties — hostile sexism and benevolent sexism — work together to maintain inequality,” said lead author Jin Goh, a graduate student at Northeastern University.

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