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  • Sanders turns the heat up to make Clinton a real climate champ

    New Scientist - 07/22/2016

    Thanks Bernie! Hillary Clinton’s tilt at the US presidency is poised to turn a deeper shade of green after pressure from her former rival. Democrats gathering at their national convention in Philadelphia on Monday are set to approve a platform that calls climate change “the defining challenge of our time”.

    A non-binding road map for the party’s elected officials, it proposes strong limits on the fossil fuel industry and sets a target for the US to be completely powered by renewable energy by mid-century. This goes further than Clinton’s current pledges and thankfully a lot further than Barack Obama’s re-election campaign four years ago, which had a domestic energy approach that prioritised gas and oil alongside renewables.

    Why the shift? In short, the significant popularity of Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s main challenger in the Democrat primaries, who early on called on Clinton to support a national carbon tax and a fracking ban.

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