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  • Rising cost of college

    NECN - 06/17/2011

    Hardly news that the cost of college is skyrocketing here’s how much. According to inflation data dot com the price of just about everything you buy the overall inflation rate between 1985 and 2010 was 107%. But the increase in the price of tuition and other associated costs over that same 25 year period was 467%. Now that statistic in part recently led the venture capitalist and pay pal founder Peter teel to. Right that college was overvalued. And he gave twenty young people under the age of twenty. To leave college 100000 dollars to pursue their own projects. Now my guest tonight doesn’t quite see it that way doctor Joseph alone is the president of northeastern university and he’s here with us tonight is a good to have you here thank you Mike is that to — now I know that you wrote a column that’s I think been widely shared — red and you disagree so so why does mr. — not — right.

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