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  • Richard family’s stance would have influenced Tsarnaev juror

    The Boston Globe - 08/26/2015

    Daniel Medwed, a Northeastern University law professor who focuses on criminal law and wrongful convictions, said there are well-established legal opinions that say the personal death penalty views of victims are too inflammatory — and not relevant — to the jury’s final deliberations.

    He said Fagan’s recent statements, indicating that he could have been swayed by what victims’ families said, “confirms the validity” of such legal rulings.

    Medwed also said that this juror’s comments, which come as he is about to release an online book, raise questions about jurors’ motivations to serve and speak out.

    In legal circles, these jurors are often called “rogue jurors,” and lawyers often worry that ulterior motives, such as money or fame, may corrupt the process.

    “The fact that he’s selling a book makes me discount what he says,” Medwed said.

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