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  • Preparing your children, and your wallet, for college… Sure-fire strategies to lessen the fnancial pain

    Huffington Post - 06/02/2015

    a. The Federal Work-Study Program offers students paid positions either on or off campus. Approximately 3,400 postsecondary institutions offer work-study positions.
    b. An internship allows a student to work in a real-world setting in a field he or she is interested in pursuing as a career. Many companies end up hiring their interns full time after the students graduate from college. Check out websites like, where you can search internships by employer, field, date and location; and, where you can search for 50,000 internships.
    c. A co-op is a supervised internship or practicum that alternates a period of study with a period of work in the student’s field of study. Institutions such as Drexel University in Philadelphia and Northeastern University in Boston offer co-ops around the globe, providing students with hands on experience to complement their course work.

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