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  • Power up! College kids create coffee you can eat

    CNBC - 10/15/2014

    Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but for some it’s that morning cup of joe they can’t live without.

    But Northeastern University sophomores Ali Kothari and Johnny Fayad may have found a new way to get that morning fix.

    “We were constantly running late for our 8 a.m. classes and never had time to eat our breakfast and, more importantly, drink our coffee. So we thought why can’t we eat our coffee?” Kothari said.

    The co-founders had 60 seconds to pitch their java start-up New Grounds Food to a CNBC “Power Pitch” panel with Patrick Chung, founding partner of the Experiment Fund; Lauren Jupiter, managing partner with Accel Foods; and John Moore, co-founder of Nobletree.

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