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  • Pharmacist charged in meningitis outbreak to be sentenced

    WGBH - 01/30/2018

    “No one will be held accountable for murder,” said Daniel Medwed, a Northeastern University law professor and WGBH legal analyst who has been following the case.

    Jurors cleared Cadden and Chin on all murder counts but convicted them on the lesser charges. Last year, a judge sentenced Cadden to nine years in prison. Federal prosecutors have asked that Chin be sentenced to 35 years.

    “Whether he’s going to get something higher than Cadden or below it is a very interesting normative argument,” said Medwed. “On the one hand, the idea is Chin was more responsible because he was actually in the room. He was in a position to directly stop the unsanitary practices. But on the other hand, there’s an argument that he’s less responsible because he wasn’t the boss. And he was just acting at the direction of a very aggressive and ambitious CEO.”

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