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  • Peter Roby on the challenges & rewards of college sports in Boston

    BostInno - 09/06/2015

    As summer begins to turn into fall, the pace of Peter Roby’s days becomes characteristically quicker. And the Northeastern Atheletic Director has no choice in the matter, as more than 400 student athletes he helps to guide are gearing up for another season.

    “Some of our teams have already been here for three weeks or so in training camp and now have started their regular season schedules,” Roby describes. “So we’re making sure that games are getting off to a good start and we’ve got a staff ready to assist and make sure that those games are done the right way.”

    And yet, unlike so many other seasons that the veteran coach and athletic director has seen over the years, the fall 2015 season arrives with particular flourish, given the time that the school has just experienced.

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