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  • Pay for play: Mass. RMV lets driving school customers jump the line

    WGBH - 11/01/2015

    “It’s troubling,’’ said Peter Enrich, an expert in local and state government at the Northeastern University School of Law. This kind of service preference, he said, is similar to the fee air travelers can pay to the federal government for expedited access through airport security. But he said he didn’t know of any other similar privilege at the state level – especially through a private business. “It’s not just that I can pay the Registry to get to the head of the line, it’s the Registry is selling that right to a private business that is able to extract a profit from me for that access,” Enrich said.

    The practice is not new in Massachusetts, but in the past it didn’t affect many people because it didn’t interfere with weekday appointments. Willing state examiners would earn overtime for testing blocks of driving school students during Registry off-hours.


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