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  • Papercut Magazine founders created a platform for aspiring photographers

    BostInno - 01/04/2016

    Anyone, given the tools of modern technology, could produce impressive pictures. However, being adept at choosing an ideal Instagram filter isn’t enough to let someone rise the ranks in professional photography.

    “The Likes and comments that people get on their 500-pixel Facebook posts don’t land them a magazine cover,” Jamall Oluokun, CEO of photography platform, put it.

    Oluokun knows. He and Shomari Miller, a fellow Northeastern alumnus and co-founder, started Papercut Magazine when they were in Boston. After years of receiving submissions from fashion designers, artists and photographers, it became apparent that there should be a better way for creative types to receive constructive feedback on how they’re snapping shots.

    Over the past few months, this duo and Jason Depeaux, the technical founding team member, have been building up at Cofound/Harlem in New York. And with the recent gap funding the startup has received, the online network, which is already linking about a thousand emerging photographers and big names within the field, is slated to gain great traction.

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