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  • Outrage over a coach’s comments

    Inside Higher Ed - 09/16/2016

    Dan Lebowitz, executive director of Northeastern University’s Center for Study of Sport in Society, said it’s disappointing to see college coaches criticize player protests in this fashion. He was critical of Swinney’s comments, in particular, saying they seemed to indicate the coach cares more about winning games than helping his players grow as young men.

    College athletics — and sports, more generally — provide a platform that is unavailable to many who wish to protest injustices, Lebowitz said. He said colleges and coaches have a responsibility to, if not outright help players use that platform, at least not disparage those that do.

    “I think any coach that tells players to keep protest off the field is, in many respects, deflecting their responsibility as coaches and teachers and as Americans,” Lebowitz said. “It’s important to empower athletes to speak out against injustice, and to do so with courage and conviction.

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