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  • One and done: yes, we ‘only’ had one child — and that’s OK

    WBUR - 05/27/2015

    The first time it happened, I was standing in line at the grocery store, and I was pregnant.

    “When you do you think you’ll have another?” the woman behind me asked.

    I was totally unprepared for this question. It had taken us years to get to this point as expectant parents, and it was a high-risk pregnancy. I’d already been hospitalized a few times, and would end up on bed rest just a few weeks after this exchange. I was wholly focused on bringing this child into the world safely, but there was more to this than the battle-weary apprehension of a mother with serious chronic illness — I was so grateful to be where we were that I simply wasn’t willing to spend time or energy planning what might come later.

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