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  • Official: Victim didn’t know 14-year-old school shooter

    The Providence Journal - 09/09/2016

    Such shootings are rarely carried out by females, according to Jack Levin, co-director of the Brudnick Center on Violence and Conflict at Northeastern University. Levin noted that more than 95 percent of fatal school shootings are committed by males.

    “And if you look only at the shooters who are students at the school at the time, almost all of them are boys,” said Levin, who has written several books about mass shootings and school violence. “Boys who open fire are much more likely to do so indiscriminately.”

    Levin, who isn’t involved in the Alpine investigation, said there are common motivators in school shootings, such as depression or lack of conventional methods of finding support. He also noted that bullying has been present in more than 80 percent of the school shootings he has studied.

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