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  • Novartis has a history of charging high prices for drugs in Colombia

    Stat - 11/01/2016

    “This data supports the idea that Gleevec has not been the only drug for which Novartis has, historically, overcharged,” said Brook Baker, a professor at Northeastern University School of Law and a senior policy analyst for Health GAP, a group that advocates for wider access to medicines. “And it shows the unilateral power of companies to take advantage of countries.”

    For its part, Novartis has argued that unilaterally lowering the Gleevec price threatens patent rights and that public health is not at risk, since generics are available, although Colombian officials say the drug maker has threatened companies with litigation. To press its case, the drug maker enlisted the help of members of Congress and the Obama administration to pressure Colombian officials from proceeding to lower the price of the drug.

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