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  • Northeastern revs up public art initiative

    Boston Magazine - 06/17/2015

    Jef Aérosol’s stay at Northeastern University has been full of pleasant surprises. In addition to the large mural he was commissioned to spray paint on the side of Cargill Hall facing Huntington Avenue, small renditions of the French artist’s signature stencil graffiti have been popping up all over campus, to be uncovered by passersby in chance encounters.

    “Jef is surprising us with many things, which we love. We want creativity to take the lead,” says university President Joseph Aoun, who officially launched the Public Art Initiative at Northeastern at the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year, and has been inviting street muralists to adorn bare spaces on campus. “We are looking for artists that are creative, innovative, that capture the spirit of the place.”

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